Elizabeth Fryer, MA, LMFT

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Elizabeth is a licensed psychotherapist and a nationally accredited mindfulness teacher with over 40 years of experience. She has taught in both traditional and contemporary formats for over 20 years and is founding teacher of SLM. She began mindfulness practice in 1972 in Asia (Japan & Thailand) where she lived for 10 years and received formal meditation training. After returning to the US in 1983 she studied vipassana at Spirit Rock Center in CA where she completed a 2.5 year teacher training and national certification (CDL). A psychotherapist since 1986, she specializes in mindfulness based counseling as well as mindfulness training.  She codeveloped the nationally recognized mindfulness program at Monsanto Co. in 2000 and the MBCT program at CBP.  She is  wife and mother so her emphasis is on making mindfulness relevant and practical for our modern lives while maintaining the integrity of the source teachings of mindfulness. Elizabeth lives part time in St Louis, MO and Santa Fe, NM.


* Teacher training & certification matter!  Please make sure your mindfulness teacher or counselor is certified with a nationally accredited organization.
contemporary: MBSR
professional (basic): UCSD
traditional (advanced): Spirit Rock Meditation Center