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“Mindfulness is a way of being in a wiser relationship to one’s experience, not one particular mental state to be pursued and attained.” JKZ

Please scroll down to view all classes, individual & professional training.  All classes taught by Elizabeth Fryer unless indicated otherwise


6 Week Contemporary Mindfulness Level 1: Core Skills 
Oct 2-Nov 6 (Mondays), 6:30-7:30pm (This class is now FULL)
Location: near Ballas Rd & Clayton Rd
Cost: $245

For future class announcements please contact Elizabeth at 

Mindfulness, a specific systematic training, has become increasingly popular due to research demonstrating its effectivity in stress reduction, physical & emotional health, improved attention/apptitude and much more. This Level 1 Course for the general public goes beyond basic stress reduction and identifies the dysregulation cycle, and the core mindfulness skills required to support emotional regulation and  inner wellbeing. Includes booklet and weekly audio files
*This class in not meant to treat abnormal mental disorders. Specific disorders require specific treatment by a licensed clinician.

Class Outline:
1. Calming Focus
2. The Present: Being vs Doing
3. Habits vs Awareness
4. Distress & Equanimity
5. Acceptance
6. Daily Mindfulness

6 Week Mindfulness Level 2: Cultivating Joy 
Dates To Be Announced 
location: near Ballas & Clayton Rd
cost: $245
(prereq: Level 1) 

This is the heart of the ancient wisdom teaching but also, new research is showing evidence that happiness is not the result of luck or getting what you want but can be cultivated through specific mindfulness practices. Neuroscience has shown that training in mindful happiness actually changes the structure of the brain which strengthens these qualities. Stanford University, a pioneer in this new field, has a research and training program based on this aspect from the mindfulness tradition.  Our course takes the Core Skills training to the next level by introducing traditional practices that support and cultivate true joy & happiness.

Private Counseling & Consultation  

Mindfulness must be personal to be relevant. Private sessions are the best way to learn to apply mindfulness to your specific needs and to deepen ones personal practice of mindfulness overall.


2nd Sunday Committed Practice Group
after group discussion & reading
Donation (+$45 registration fee)

This is a small group meets during & after the general 2nd Sunday sitting group and delves more deeply into a personal application of the traditional wisdom teachings by building on consecutive participation, reading, group discussion and leadership roles.
Prerequisite: Level 1 (or equivalent) class, regular member of SLM,  regular meditation practice, commitment.
Please speak with Elizabeth before or after ongoing Sunday group if you are interested.


Professional Training & Outreach

Mindfulness training for organizations, businesses, schools and health care.
With increased interest in mindfulness as applied to various industries, credible teaching is hard to find.  Elizabeth has been offering mindfulness classes tailored to the specific needs of diverse organizations for over 20 years.  Past recipients have included Monsanto Co, wustl, public schools, behavioral health (MBCT) as well as numerous others. 

National Teacher Training & Certification

Training Matters! Jon Kabat-Zinn, pioneer of contemporary mindfulness, states that training credible mindfulness teachers takes many years and specific training standards to achieve an embodiment of, not merely reciting, true mindfulness.

The teaching of mindfulness is never a matter of merely teaching or operationalizing techniques. Mindfulness is a way of being in a wiser relationship to one’s experience, not one particular mental state to be pursued and attained. Thus, the non-instrumental dimensionality of the work and of the practice of mindfulness is the foundation of effective practice and teaching.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Please make sure your mindfulness teacher or counselor is experienced, starting with credible training & certified by a nationally recognized organization.

Contemporary (MBSR):
Mindfulness Based Therapy (basic): MBCT
Traditional (advanced):


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