2nd Sunday & Fall classes reminder


     Just a reminder that this Sunday 9/11/16 is the 2nd Sunday meeting of the St Louis Mindfulness editation Group at Big Bend Yoga Center. 

     For more class info, announcements or schedules follow us at  stlmindfulness.org
Mindfulness 2nd Sundays: Ongoing Meditation Support Group

Taught by Elizabeth Fryer
By Donation

6:00 PM – Mindfulness meditation (sitting/walking vipassana)

6:40 PM – Talk: mindfulness in daily life

Everyone is welcome but the Introduction to Mindfulness class (below) is recommended (not required) for participation.  Brief meditation instructions will be given. No need to contact us, just arrive a few minutes early to get oriented. Bring a meditation pillow if you have one.  A few pillows and chairs are available on a 1st come 1st served basis.  Please note that we usually lock the door after we begin.

September 24,  3-5PM
Big Bend Yoga Center
By donation (registration required)

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular due to research of it’s effectivity for numerous contemporary uses. However, the practice is an ancient Eastern wisdom teaching that aims to systematically calm and focus our minds while cultivating wisdom and compassion. This is an introduction to the technique of insight meditation and it’s context; the foundations of mindfulness from Buddhism.  This class is recommended for participation in SLM classes, groups and retreats. Both sitting & walking meditation will be taught. (nonreligious)

To register: Please send your name, e-mail address and a $20 administrative fee to Elizabeth Fryer;
by check: 11917 Claychester Dr, St Louis MO 63131
or online: paypal.me/elizabethfryer/21 (includes $1 service fee)
Space limited or by 9/19.  modharma@gmail.com


Taught by Elizabeth Fryer, MA, LMFT
Oct 12- Nov 16, Wednesdays 6:30-7:40pm
office near Ballas & Clayton Rd
Cost: $235

This 6 week course offers an in depth understanding of the much researched use of contemporary mindfulness. It will include core mindfulness skills and the practical application to stress reduction, emotional regulation, attention development, acceptance and kindness that lead to wellbeing. This class goes beyond basic stress reduction.

To register contact Elizabeth at 314 397-3732 or modharma@gmail.com
Class is space limited and enrollment is on a 1st come 1st served basis so early registration is advised. Class fee due at registration.

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