6 Week Mindfulness Course

Taught by Elizabeth Fryer, MA, LMFT
Sept 16-Oct 21, 2015… Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm
office near Ballas & Clayton Rd
Cost: $225

This Class Is Full!
If you would like to be informed when the next class begins registration please let me know at modharma@gmail.com

This 6 week course offers a condensed yet powerful application of the much researched use of the contemporary approach of mindfulness to our busy modern lives. It will include core mindfulness skills and the practical use in stress reduction, emotional regulation, attention/focus development & self nourishing habits for overall well being. This small class is able to offer personal attention with an emphasis on the particular needs of participants. www.elizabethfryer.org

To register contact Elizabeth at 314 397-3732 or modharma@gmail.com.
Course fee deposit required to secure a spot. Class size is limited.

Course Outline: 1: Developing a Calm & Stable Mind
2: The Present: Being vs Doing Mind
3: Interrupting Habits: Autopilot to Awareness
4: Equanimity & Acceptance
5: Kindness through Adversity
6: Establishing Nourishing Habits

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