8 Fold Path to Happiness

8 Fold Path of Mindfulness is the Buddha’s comprehensive strategy for true (unconditional) happiness.  It includes eight steps divided into three areas of practice: Wisdom, Behavior and Mental Training.  All the steps interrelate.  In the West, most people focus on the Mental Training aspect.  This is limited and incomplete.  Meditation, while important, is only part of the equation.  For a comprehensive approach, we need to include all aspects of our life into our practice.  Nothing can be left out.  The Path of Mindfulness is developing an clear understanding of the specific 8 steps and applying it to our lives.   Over time, our practice matures and rewards our ongoing effort with increasing happiness.  For a more thorough investigation of these steps join us on Sundays during group.

Skillful Understanding
Skillful Thought
Skillful Speech
Skillful Action
Skillful Livelihood
Skillful Effort
Skillful Mindfulness
Skillful Concentration

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