Welcome to St Louis Mindfulness

St Louis Mindfulness was founded in 1996 to support the understanding of mindfulness through the practice of insight meditation, generically called mindfulness meditation, in the St Louis area.  We offer teacher led groups, classes, retreats and community outreach.

Mindfulness is a specific form of systematic training from a body of teachings called the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness.  Contemporary research based on this form has shown a vast amount of success for numerous applications.  We teach mindfulness as a spectrum; the contemporary approach has a solution based emphasis; calm, attention development, regulation, health benefits, etc., while the traditional approach emphasizes unconditional happiness and includes all of life as a mindfulness practice.  We offer expertise in both approaches.

Mindful wellbeing is supported by kindness and compassion practices.  New research as well as ancient wisdom have conveyed the same message: our attitude matters and kindness leads to a happier, more resilient, effective and satisfying life.  

2 Responses to Home

  1. Gail McMenomy says:

    I am interested in learning about this path. I would like more information, please.

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