St Louis Mindfulness was founded in 1996 by Elizabeth Fryer, MA, LMFT to support the understanding and training of mindfulness in the St Louis area.  I offer classes, individual training and therapeutic mindfulness oriented psychotherapy. 

Mindfulness is a specific form of systematic training.  Simply, it’s strengthening our ability to focus on the present moment’s experience without bias or mental chatter.  This ability leads to less reflexive reactivity, increased unbiased awareness in each moment (clarity) hence better (skillful) choices and well being.  Contemporary research based on this form has demonstrated a vast array of benefits 

Beyond Stress Reduction:
Mindfulness for stress reduction is well documented but there are numerous other well researched benefits including: heart/immune health, emotional regulation (esp for anxiety & depression), attention/focus, aptitude & effectivity, memory & aging, empathy, life & relationship satisfaction.

Ultimately, true mindfulness leads to a wiser, more satisfying relationship with oneself and life.

“Mindfulness is a way of being in a wiser relationship to one’s experience, not one particular mental state to be pursued and attained.”  Jon Kabat-Zinn


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